Dynamic monitoring and securing flows

Automatic stock geolocation and traceability

Client Access

From start to finish,
SAALTO secures internal logistical flows

Automatically secured flows, operator assistance

Monitoring, error detection, warnings

Missions, tracking movements

Hands-free driver interface

Reliable and geo-located stock reporting in real time

3D layout of warehouses, refrigerators

Stock reports by item, warehouse

Search by criteria

Flawless traceability, real-time reporting

Fully, automatic and instant tracking

Real-time assignment reporting

Activity analysis, dashboards, searching by criteria

Communication and inter-operability

Multi-sites operation

Communicate more efficiently with your clients

Interoperability with ERP and other IT systems

Reduction of costs

Saves time on labelling, searching for items

Tracking of shipped containers

Reliable information is instantly accessible

Increased added value

Sub-batch management using comments

Selective assignments, optimal valorisation down to the last kilo

Better quality of service

Reliability, reassurance

Reliable information for all stakeholders

Safe and traceable actions

End-to-end security

SAALTO the Sector Quality Assurance

partenaire de Saalto

Sustainable technology

Electronic marking for traceability throughout the lifespan of pallet boxes, increased monitoring and tracking of containers (contamination, repairs)


Installation is a matter of minutes
Instant catch in hand and minimum user input


Algorithms to ensure end-to-end monitoring and traceability, with a minimum of data entry


Tracking of real-time updated data on mobile applications

Secured Data

Secure servers protect your data from unauthorized access
The Data is yours to share

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